Are we there yet?

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#1 Are we there yet?

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#2 Re: Are we there yet?

Post by stigzler »

Damn, karma's a bugger.... 

I remember annoyingly continuously asking that question about Evo until I incurred the wrath of a moderator who had to silence me! Not sure who that was...   😁

It's gonna be a while, mate. Project's grown a bit now I have time to do it 'properly.' One thing that has always frustrated me (both in the world and with our hobby) is how proprietary/distinct 'standards' are. Think romsets (hyperlist, no-intro, good-sets, tosec etc etc) and FE's (which all have a different game name for the same game) . Thus, seeking some kinda unified solution to unite all.... (grand aspirations, I grant thee, but you know me!  😜)

There's a practical side to this. You'll recall that one of the major aims was to provide a controls viewer that's compatible with other FE's? Well, you're going to need a good database to tie all those together (i.e. map all the respective FE's game names together). I'm really not into competition,  so I want my app to play nicely with others, including, of  course, my homies @ GameEx!

So no. Play on your gameboy or something and stop poking you sister...

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